Career Awareness

System Analyst

 Daily Tasks
Provides consultative services at an institutional level to departments, divisions, and committees; provides analysis, recommendation, and project management related to areas that include work flow, facilities, publishing and information needs. Provides an objective view of operations for decision analysis; designs, develops, and facilitates implementation of change management programs using several problem-solving methods including industrial engineering, continuous improvement, project management, and analytical methods (including statistics and simulation).
Excellent interpersonal skills, including presentation, negotiation, persuasion, team facilitation and written communication. Must have ability to provide objective input on operational issues, be able to lead large, complex, multidisciplinary projects and have an understanding of a broad set of problem-solving methods.
 Work Setting
Office setting; typically work in an office atmosphere and spend portions of the day meeting, discussing and shadowing operations with others.
 Work Hours
Typically 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday-Friday; however, most are "exempt" positions, meaning you work until the job is done without overtime pay. There is an "on-call" requirement depending on the department being supported, which would require being available anytime, day or night.
Bachelor's degree in industrial engineering, mathematics, operations research or related field. Many analysts pursue advanced degrees, including Master's and Doctoral programs.
Must be able to interact with a variety of personnel at various levels within and outside Mayo Clinic. Must have knowledge of system analysis, project management, computer software, time management, and institutional best practices.
 Recommended High School Classes
College pre, word processing, business, computer applications and science, advanced English composition, biology, chemistry, marketing, and advanced math

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