Career Awareness


 Daily Tasks
Acts as a statistical consultant to researchers developing study designs to address research objectives.
Well-developed oral and written communication skills. Ability to prioritize, organize and delegate various tasks. Position requires multitasking skills. Ability to work within a team, as well as independently. Analytical, consulting, and management skills.
 Work Setting
An office on campus.
 Work Hours
Primarily day shifts, Monday-Friday.
A master's degree in statistics/biostatistics or a master's degree in public health with at least 12 semester hours in statistics.

Possible to qualify with a bachelor of science in statistics along with: 1) at least 12 graduate level semester hours in statistics, and 2) 10 years' experience at Mayo Clinic as data analyst.

Expertise in the use of statistical computing and data management software packages. Experience in software language of SAS, Splus, and Ingres on UNIX system or IBM mainframe. GPA of 3.0 or higher in field of study.
 Recommended High School Classes
College prep, business, word processing, computer application and science, advanced English composition, advanced sciences (biology and chemistry), and advanced math

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