Career Awareness

Research Technician

 Daily Tasks
Sets up and performs routine and established procedures and experiments such as assays, cell/tissue culture and animal studies. Monitors results of experiments, reports unusual outcomes and suggests modifications to improve outcomes. Collecting, entering and summarizing data are big parts of this position. Also assists in training residents, fellows and temporary lab personnel in lab techniques and helps to maintain lab equipment and supplies.
Communications skills, positive personality, human relations skills, multitasking, strong organizational skills, self-motivated, ability to work independently and an ability to work with a team.
 Work Setting
Research laboratories on campus.
 Work Hours
Primarily day shifts, Monday-Friday.
Requires a two-year degree in the physical or social sciences with two or more years of direct experience to provide an understanding of lab techniques, equipment, and safety.
Must have knowledge of basic lab technique and computers, be familiar with medical terminology and have clerical and data entry skills.
 Recommended High School Classes
College prep, computer applications, health sciences, advanced biology, advanced chemistry, and advanced math

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