Career Awareness



I was able to finish my bachelor's degree while working at Mayo Clinic because of the tuition reimbursement benefit. Mayo Clinic is very supportive of employees who want to further their education.

I do ultrasound testing. We use a probe called a transducer to perform our tests. The transducer is placed onto a gel, which is placed on the skin. The gel acts as a coupling agent and keeps the sound waves from being lost into the air. We move the transducer around the abdomen or other parts of the body to look at organs. We test lumps and bumps around the body, ganglion cysts in the wrists and any kind of vascularity in the arteries and veins. We observe all of the organs except for the stomach and intestines, the lungs (because they have air in them) and heart.

The thing I like best about my job is the constant learning. There is never a pathologic process that looks the same every time. Just when you think you have seen everything, you learn something totally new. There are opportunities for career advancements in my field. There are lead technologist, assistant supervisor and supervisor positions. You could also be a teacher at the ultrasound school. We just started a residency education program, and with a master's degree, you could be a program director.

I'm reading 'The Doctors Mayo' book and it is great to read about their work ethic, and about a hundred years later, to see those same principles still standing. That means a lot to me.