Career Awareness



The benefit package at Mayo Clinic is wonderful ... that is why I went back to work.

I work with assisted-living clients and I support them with their daily needs. Some folks can do their own things while others need help. There are some who we have to wake up, take them to the bathroom, wash them up, get them dressed, give them their pills, and take them down to the dining room. We support the clients with daily living tasks; however it is more than just that. We converse with them ... I just love that part of my job. They come from all over the country and they have such interesting stories. Some clients have fewer visitors than others and they really appreciate our company ... we can even bake cookies with them once in awhile. The hard part of my job is when they get sick or die; you do get attached. When death occurs, you are comforted knowing that you were there for them, making their life a little more pleasant. This job requires you to be compassionate; you definitely need to be a people person and you need to treat people the way you would want to be treated.

As a high school student, you need to look at a career field that you will enjoy; it is not just about the money ... you need to enjoy your work or you will be unhappy. You should try different things; have an open mind ... a lot of people start out being certified nursing assistants and then become an LPN or RN. This job is a great way to enter various health care careers.

Being a nurse assistant is more than a job and it has to be or you will not enjoy it. To me, it is doing the job, but being a friend at the same time ... that's why I enjoy my work so much.