Career Awareness

Real Life Nurse Manager 

RICK--I have been working at Mayo for 20 years and I don't foresee working anywhere else. I am very proud to work at Mayo Clinic. Mayo has a strong commitment to the patient. We are always looking for ways to improve the care that we provide to our patients.

I, along with another nurse manager, support about 120 nurses and 12 patient care assistants in the emergency department. My role involves of a lot of administrative duties: making sure there is adequate staff, budgeting, managing supplies, staff performance issues and hiring staff. At least once a week I interact with patients. I need to know my staff and their practice well, so if I'm not working on the unit, I am observing from time to time. I tend to work a set schedule of Monday through Friday, although we have 24-hour accountability for the units. If there are issues that arise throughout the night and they need my help, they will give me a call at home.

Being involved with decisions that will ultimately improve patient care gives me great satisfaction. Part of Mayo's daily objective is to improve patient care and I like being part of that. I enjoy my job; I have the opportunity to interact with patients, work with physicians and be an integral part of the decision-making process.

It is tough at the high school age to really know what you want to be. I think you have to look at your interests and your strengths in the academic setting and let those guide you to your career field.

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