Career Awareness

Real Life Nurse Education Specialist 

AMY--Mayo Clinic promotes professionalism and education. Mayo has such a commitment to education. We understand the role of education regarding quality patient care.

I get to help interview the staff, teach classes, meet with preceptors and work with their orientees. I discuss issues regarding what the new nurses are most scared about and what they are most excited about. We use that information to enhance the orientation of new nurses. I am also involved in several committees, where we work on issues such as documentation and improving nurse work satisfaction. Through my participation on committees, I am able to make a difference and can represent nurses and their concerns. I stay in contact with the nurses and take their voices to the committee meetings.

I love meeting with new nurses when they start; they are so excited to be at Mayo and starting their nursing career. They have such high aspirations to provide excellent patient care. I also love working with the preceptors and seeing the benefit they receive from helping a new person.

To succeed in this job you need to be outgoing, to relate well to others, and have good public speaking and interpersonal communication skills.

I am proud to be a part of Mayo ... My grandma was a patient here and it made me proud to see the care that the nurses provided her. I hope that the care my grandma received was impacted by the support from a nursing education specialist like me.

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