Career Awareness



I like my job and feel proud to be here. I have never said, "I have to go to work today" ... it is always, "I get to go to work today."

I work in the hospital monitoring heart performance of patients. The nurse managers define what services we provide. We monitor heart arrhythmias in our computer system. Typically I sit for an hour at one monitor and then move to another monitor. I may monitor 32 patients per console per shift.

I like working with patients and meeting the different people who come here for our services. You get a real sense of who they are; you see them with their grandkids, their son or daughter. I love talking to patients -- they all have a story to tell. Compassion is very important in this role. We are taking care of someone's grandmother and the family depends on us to take good care of her. Teamwork is crucial. You have to be able to help somebody when they need it.

I know I have positively affected somebody in some way each shift. Somebody smiles or holds my hand -- it just makes a world of difference when I go home ... it is a great feeling.