Career Awareness

Real Life Administrator

GREG--Too often we lose sight of the variety of roles that affect the care provided to patients. There are lots of roles like mine that are vital to ensure that the direct care givers have what they need to provide quality patient care.

As an administrator, I have the opportunity to manage clinical departments with our physician colleagues. This includes overseeing our finances, dealing with people issues such as hiring and mentoring staff, planning future goals and making sure the operations run smoothly. This includes working very closely with other departments such as Marketing and Human Resources. Occasionally I also have the opportunity to interact with patients when they have business-related questions or complaints. Every day of my work is different from the others, which helps keep my job interesting and challenging.

In this position, people skills are important. The ability to work well with others and participate as a team member will determine your success. If you want to be the shining star, receiving all the credit all the time, then Mayo is not the environment for you.

I truly enjoy the variety of my tasks. I get to interact with many different people. One minute I'm resolving a human resources issue and the next minute, dealing with a computer-related project.

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