Career Awareness

Histology Technician

 Daily Tasks
Prepares slides of body tissue for examination under the microscope. Steps in the process include tissue processing, paraffin microtomy cutting, frozen cutting, and staining. Uses both manual and automated methodologies. Responsible for laboratory quality-control procedures and management of supplies using various computer systems. Works closely with a variety of technicians, clerks, pathologists, residents and visiting scientists.
Analytical skills, self-motivated, detail oriented, excellent written and oral communication skills, good telephone skills, math skills, good color vision for use of the light microscope, ability to work within a team atmosphere.
 Work Setting
Pathology laboratory
 Work Hours
Regular business hours
Associate of arts degree in the sciences.
Familiarity with medical terminology and use of laboratory computer systems is required. Certification as a histology technician is desired.
 Recommended High School Classes
College prep, computer applications, health sciences, advanced biology, advanced chemistry, and advanced math