Career Awareness

ECG Technician

 Daily Tasks
ECG technicians perform electrocardiogram (ECGs) tests on patients. When they work in the clinic, they are based in one testing area. In the hospital setting, technicians carry a pager and respond to requests from a patient room, the emergency room, intensive care units, the recovery room or other areas. ECG technicians are also involved in training new employees, medical students and other allied health staff.
The ECG technician must be organized, efficient, flexible, and multifunctional with the ability to work independently. Good initiative and good communication skills, as well as good public relation skills are important when working with patients, co-workers, desk attendants and supervisors.
 Work Setting
Clinic outpatient setting and hospitals.
 Work Hours
Day, evening and night shifts.
High school diploma or GED. Previous experience working in a health-care setting or experience working with the public is preferred.
On-the-job training is provided.
 Recommended High School Classes
College prep, computer applications, anatomy/physiology, math, and science classes

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