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Eating Disorders and Holiday Time

The holiday season is a festive time to eat, drink and celebrate with friends, family and co-workers. For those with eating disorders the holiday season can be a nightmare. Leslie Sim, PhD, clinical director of the Mayo Clinic Eating Disorders Program offers tips and tactics on how to navigate holiday gatherings.


1215718_08_cropGene linked to Eating Disorders

"We're really starting to see this as a true biological illness," Dr. Leslie Sim, clinical child psychologist at Mayo Clinic, says in the article "Researchers Find Gene linked to Eating Disorders" in U.S. News & World Report.


Identifying and Treating Eating Disorders in the Patient Care Setting

Dr. Leslie Sim, PhD, Department of Psychology and Psychiatry, Mayo Clinic, discusses the Mayo Clinic Proceedings article, "Identification and Treatment of Eating Disorders in the Primary Care Setting". Learn how patients benefit from a coordinated multi-disciplinary care approach to treatment including sophisticated psychological therapies, pharmacological treatment and medical management.

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