Career Awareness


 Daily Tasks
Cytotechnologists look for cancer by evaluating the structure of cells taken from different parts of the body. Abnormal cases are referred to physicians. Cytotechnologists also assess the DNA content of cells using molecular techniques. Cytologists also assist in the training and evaluation of cytotechnology students.
Analytical skills, ability to prioritize and manage workload, self-motivated, detail oriented, excellent written and oral communication skills, have an interest in research and education, ability to work independently and the ability to work within a team atmosphere.
 Work Setting
Laboratory setting on the Mayo campus
 Work Hours
Typically 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday-Friday with some weekend hours possible.
Requires a bachelor's degree and certification (or eligibility), along with graduation from an accredited program in cytotechnology.
Experience with spreadsheets and word processing programs is helpful.
 Recommended High School Classes
College prep, computer applications, health sciences, advanced biology, advanced chemistry, and advanced math

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