Career Awareness

Cardiac Monitor Technician

 Daily Tasks
Cardiac monitoring technicians monitor patients' heart rhythms, and inform nurses of important physiological changes. They monitor up to 32 patients at a time and have direct and instant audio and visual contact with patients and nurses. A typical 8-hour shift would include patient preparation, monitoring physiological parameters of patients, care and maintenance of cardiac equipment and communication with nursing staff, physicians, and referring physicians.
Must have excellent communications and interpersonal skills and an ability to work in a team atmosphere. It is essential that the technician be able to multitask.
 Work Setting
The Cardiac Laboratory at Saint Marys Hospital. There are currently 128 beds with 45 cardiac monitoring technicians.
 Work Hours
Lab is in operation 24/7. Day, evening, and night shifts.
High school diploma. There is a training program, which includes 8-12 weeks of classroom training and clinical on-the-job training.
Computer and typing skills required.
 Recommended High School Classes
College prep, computer applications, anatomy/physiology, math, and science classes

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