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May 4, 2017

Tattoos and Body Art: Conceal or Reveal in the Workplace

By Career Awareness


Tattoos and Body Art: Conceal or Reveal in the Workplace

Your tattoo(s) and body art are special. Whether permanent or temporary, they represent your journey in life. Your appearance and self-expression create a personal image. As you begin searching for a career, you’ll notice that employers also have an image they expect their employees to present to their customers, guests or patients. This image represents the culture and values of the company. When you agree to work for a company, you're also agreeing to their professional image guidelines. Yep, it’s true. 

Did you know an employer reserves the right to determine what’s considered appropriate professional image? While considering career opportunities, inquire in advance with a prospective employer what their guidelines and any exceptions are for your role within their company. What image, culture and values are they trying to communicate non-verbally? Can you reveal tattoos and body art while supporting that image, or do they need to be concealed? If you agree with the company’s values and their guidelines are to cover them up, then what can you do?

Covering tattoos and body art can be as simple as wearing clothing and accessories strategically. Another inexpensive way to conceal and stay functional in your work role is by using a temporary arm or leg sleeve fabric cover that's cool, lightweight, flexible and breathable. Also, waterproof tattoo makeup is available for women and men to cover those hard to conceal areas. Yes, men wear make-up, too! You may choose to seek ideas from those who you know have tattoos. Find out what they do. Just think, maybe your boss has a tattoo and you'd never know it because it’s covered!

You're as unique as your body art. Your image and appearance matter; both during personal and work time. Find a company whose values and culture resonate with you. From there, you’ll easily be able to determine the next steps.

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