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May 14, 2015

Cole’s Mentorship: Motion Analysis Lab

By Cole Geshwind

senior-photo-3-cgcroplrCole's Mentorship: Motion Analysis Lab

For my senior year at Mayo High School, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to obtain high school credit while working hands-on at Mayo Clinic in Dr. Kenton Kaufman’s Motion Analysis Lab.

This was made possible through Mayo Clinic’s Career Awareness High School Mentorship program, and my mentor—Loribeth Evertz. Throughout the year, I took part in/observed musculoskeletal experiments that utilized motion detection systems, instrumented treadmills, and confocal microscopes that would rarely be seen in any high school science class. I was also able to meet the lab’s staff and learn about their careers. I even got to take part in regular weekly meetings. This experience allowed me to learn about applied science and various medical careers in a manner unrivaled by traditional classroom experiences. Most importantly, it gave me valuable insight for my future career in medicine and science.


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