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May 12, 2015

Silvia’s Mentorship: Sleep Study

By Silvia Takacova

HSM StudentSilvia's Mentorship: Sleep Study

I always thought I’d have a career in medicine, but didn’t know what that would look like. Through the mentorship program, I was able to experience working in medical research.

My name is Silvia Takáčová. I am a foreign exchange student from Slovakia, and am currently a Century High School senior. I always thought I would have a career in medicine, but did not know what that would look like. Through the Mayo Clinic High School Mentorship program, I was given the invaluable opportunity to experience the day-to-day happenings in a large, American medical and research institution.

As part of the mentorship program, I became a research team member in Dr. Mike Joyner’s Human Integrative Physiology laboratory. In our research studies, we collaborate with Dr. Virend Somers’ research team to look why people that are sleep deprived have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease than people that get a normal amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation is a common problem affecting many people…students, nurses, doctors, parents. To answer these questions, healthy men and women volunteered to come to Mayo Clinic Hospital--Rochester, Minnesota, Saint Marys Campus, Clinical Research and Trials Unit and sleep only 4 hours a night. Then they completed a variety of research tests, including heart rate and blood pressure measurements. 

Being in the hospital, working on a research team, and learning from medical and research professionals has been very motivating.  I have a long road ahead of me, but participating in the Mayo Clinic High School Mentorship program has solidified the path I want to take.

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