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May 11, 2015

High School Mentorship: A Personal Reflection

By Penny Alsager

Gifted Specialist PEHigh School Mentorship: A Personal Reflection 

Gifted Specialist Penny Alsager reflects on 10 years of "inspirational" program experiences.

My experience with the Mayo Clinic mentorship program over the last ten years has been truly inspirational. I have witnessed such incredible generosity from the professionals who voluntarily chose to allocate their limited time and valuable resources to teaching high school students. These doctors, lab managers, and administrative personal have all spent countless hours mentoring these young minds and inspiring them with their passion for their work. Students have told me, time and again, how their lives have been changed by their mentorship experience. I am confident that being given the opportunity to engage in research has galvanized many to choose a career in science and medicine. This is an amazing program!! Thank you all for allowing our Rochester, Minnesota high school students this incredible opportunity!

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