Career Awareness



I think that the environment in Rochester and at Mayo is wonderful. I get the best of both worlds -- a small town atmosphere with a world-renowned employer.

I work as a pharmacist in the hospital. I work a different schedule each week. On a morning shift, I go on rounds with physicians and nurses. I verify and enter medication orders into the computer system and work with the nurses to dispense medications to patients. I also review patient profiles to make sure that everything looks appropriate. I answer questions from nurses and physicians. I also visit patients in their room to talk about certain medications. On evening shift I answer drug-related questions and enter orders. We are very busy in the evening because we have a lot of new admissions to the hospital.

I like the daily interaction with patients and other health-care workers. Sometimes it gets challenging because there are critically ill patients and everyone is under a huge amount of stress at any given time. You have to be able to develop coping skills to make it through each day. Communication skills are important in this job, as are computer, math, chemistry and analytical skills.

Everyone who works here, whether it's cafeteria workers, nurses or physicians, seems to have the same common goal: excellence and satisfaction. Everyone strives to do their best for patients and their families.